About Our Pharmacy

As a family-owned and -operated pharmacy, we keep our patients' families at the focal point of our care. We recognize the impact that an independent pharmacy can make in a community, and we strive to know our patients on an individual basis.

If you're cutting it close on time before our closing hours, please give us a call, and we will make sure we get you taken care of before we close our doors for the night.

We are proud to continue the tradition of local pharmacy for our Bismarck community and its surrounding areas. Located within the Costco Warehouse, we welcome all — you don't need a membership to see us. We also offer prescription mail-outs all year long, making it more convenient during those long winter months. Come see the difference of our service and our prices, compared to other local pharmacies around the area.


Meet Our Pharmacists


Ricky Reyes

Ricky has received his PharmD Degree at Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy.